the final season of 13 reasons why based on jay ashers 2007 novel of the same name will see liberty high schools senior class preparing for graduation

If you know 13 Reasons Why then dare to pass this quiz.

What is the full name of Hannah?

Katherine Langford 13 Reasons Why
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What was the name of the school which is mentioned in this series ?

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How does Hannah unfold her reasons behind ending her life?

13 reasons why1
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Who receives those cassette tapes ?

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Where did Hannah and Clay work?

602287 dylan minnette katherine langford 13 reasons why
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Whose friendship did Hannah describe as "Hot Chocolate Friendship"?

image 1
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Which two new friends did Hannah make after Clay?

13 reasons hannah baker scaled
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With whom did Hannah go on a date on valentine's day?

Reactions Zach Hannah 13 Reasons Why
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From whom Hannah was inspired to write personal poetries?

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Who was taking the pictures for school yearbook?

tyler 1 scaled
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If you know 13 Reasons Why then dare to pass this quiz.


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