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How well you know gadgets? Let’s find out.

What's the other term for a gadget?

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When were gadgets first used?

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In the software industry, what does the word gadget refer to?

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How was the first atomic bomb nicknamed?

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When did the word gadget start taking the connotation of compactness and mobility?

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Who were the first ones to use the word gadget in the context of software engineering?

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What's the most popular gadget in the world?

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What's the most expensive gadget in the world?

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What's an example of the latest gadget on the market?

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Which company sells the most gadgets in the world?

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This game system from Microsoft is hands-free and equipped with a camera that detects and reacts to your every move.

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Sony's motion-controlled game system for PlayStation uses small, hand-held lights to react to your swings, throws, and slides.

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With this device from Logitech, any television set that supports an HDMI port can also be used for web browsing, video calling, and YouTubing?

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The DSC-TX9 and the DSC-WX5, cutting-edge cameras from Sony, create this kind of image.

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This free application from Google allows users to take a picture of just about anything and, within moments, returns a search-result page for the item.

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How well you know gadgets? Let's find out.


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