alcohol bottles

Don’t call yourself ALCOHOLIC if you can’t pass this quiz.

What country is the liquor brand shown in this image from?

smirnoff vodka proof 80 200 ml
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"Alcohol" is a word derived from which language?

alcohol word cloud
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Which of the following is not the brand of vodka?

vodka inexpensive thumb feat new bottles
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Which of the following is found in distilled spirits?

maxresdefault 82
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What Japanese spirit is often served warm?

GettyImages 561129715 56a541ee5f9b58b7d0dbeda9 scaled
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What fruit will you find floating in the drink called Manhattan?

A Manhattan 1 scaled e1589220911549
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What does a Cubra Libre have that a Rum and coke does not?

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What kind of food is Chambord?

DSC 0031
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What drink has 4/5 Tequila and 1/5 tabasco sauce?

maxresdefault 83
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What is in the shot of "Liquid Cocaine"?

maxresdefault 84
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Don't call yourself ALCOHOLIC if you can't pass this quiz.


Oh! You Failed. You should again visit the world of Alcohol.


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