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Are you Fan of PM Modi ? Take this quiz to find out.

Which is the Birth Place of PM Modi?

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Narendra Modi served as Chief Minister of Gujarat from……

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Which of the following book is written by Narendra Modi?

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In the Forbes World's most powerful people list of 2018, Narendra Modi's rank was……..

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At which place of the world, PM Modi's wax statue was unveiled in the museum?

prime minister narendra modi takes his place at madame tussauds
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Narendra Modi was contesting Loksabh 2014 election from Vadodara and ____________ ?

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What is the first name of Narendra Modi's estranged wife?

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His political ideology is highly influenced by…..

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Which politician adviced him to follow 'Raj-dharma' post Godhra-riots??

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In his Independence Day speech, he termed the entire population of India as….

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Are you Fan of PM Modi ? Take this quiz to find out.


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