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Are you Suresh Raina Fan? Take this quiz to find out.

Suresh Raina made his ODI debut against which country?

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In which year was Suresh Raina born?

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Raina made his Ranji trophy debut against which state?

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In which year did Raina take the role of the captain in the Indian Cricket Team?

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Raina played in which IPL team for the first three years of the tournament?

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What is Raina's nickname?

suresh 750 min
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He is the first batsman to score the following number of runs in IPL

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Against which country did Raina make his international test debut?

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How many ODI matches has Suresh Raina played till date?

Suresh Raina England Wisden e1536055425927
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Where is Suresh Raina's hometown?

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Are you Suresh Raina Fan? Take this quiz to find out.


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