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Are you fan of Student of the year movie? Then let’s play this quiz.

What did Rohan want to be when he grows up ?

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Who was the football captain ?

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Whose clue was this "neela asman upar bhi aur neela asman neeche bhi pana hai jawab toh gahrai mein jao janab"

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Who got eliminated after the dance competition?

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Who was in critical condition?

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Real name of Dimpy is?

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What is the full name of the principal of the school?

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The last clue that Rohan and Abhimanyu's team got was related to which actor?

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What is Shanaya's real name?

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What was the guy's name that Tania cheated from in the IQ test?

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Who was the head of the cheer girls of the football match?

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Why did Sudo want the student of the year trophy?

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Who is the dean of St. Laurence high school (the opponent of St. Teressa high school in football match )?

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Where was Rohan's brother's wedding?

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Who is the choreographer of the song disco diwane?

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Are you fan of Student of the year movie? Then let's play this quiz.


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