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Sabyasachi fanclub quiz.

Where is Sabyasachi from?

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From which college did the Sabyasachi pass out?

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In which year did Sabyasachi make his International debut at the Mercedes Benz New Asia Fashion Week?

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It was which fashion week when Sabya named his collection "The Frog Princess"?

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In 2006, at which fashion week did the designer showcase which earned him critical acclaim and accelerated the sale of his clothes worldwide?

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For his Autumn-Winter collection of 2015, the designer collaborated with which other famous international designer?

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For which Bollywood actress’s wedding did the designer create 18-hand-crafted sarees with silk specially sourced from Chennai?

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Which retail brand did Sabyasachi announce a collaboration with last year?

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What is his kids wear line called?

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In which year did Sabyasachi launch Sabyasachi Jewellery?

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Sabyasachi fanclub quiz.


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