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Which Indian actress is co-owner of KKR?

emotions filled shah rukh khan for his kolkata knight riders
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Who created KKR's theme song "korbo lorbo jitbo re"?

kkr5 scaled
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KKR's highest IPL total is 245/6.Against whom did they put up this score?

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With 158* in 73 balls who made the highest-ever score in KKR's T-shirt?

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With 140 wickets, who leads KKR in most wickets taken?

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Which wicket-keeper has the most stumping dismissals for KKR?

820465 rohitsharma 050619
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Which batting duo shares the highest run in KKR's history?

930818 928745 915952 818118 andre russell and dinesh karthik afp
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Which KKR player scored the most runs during the 2014 IPL season?

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Who is the only bowler to take a five-for KKR?

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Who is the captain of team in IPL 2020?

kkr fb4
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