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Let’s see how much you are a BTS fan.

Who's the spokesperson for BTS?

BTS Dynamite 1024x882 1
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Youngest Member of BTS?

02 BTS press Big Hit Entertainment 2019 billboard 1548 compressed
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RM learned English from which American sitcom?

rm bts lede 1 1300x731 1
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Which BTS member can write using both of his hands?

BTS on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet 1 May 2019
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RM's initials stands for?

rm bts k pop cantante.jfif 793492074 1 e1597863263609
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The only BTS member who doesn’t has her ear pierced?

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Suga's previous stage name was?

sugabts lede
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Which BTS team member has the highest IQ?

bts lede 26 1300x867 1
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Before the name BTS the band was decided to be?

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That BTS member who hates spicy food?

bts 01 1
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Let's see how much you are a BTS fan.


Oh! You Failed. You should again visit the world of BTS.


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