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How well you know Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Let’s pass this quiz.

Who among the following did not have a cameo in the show?

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Whose Funeral is being organized in this image?

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Of all the characters on the show, who had a history of freedom fighting?

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Which tv actress it was with whom Indravadan fell in love?

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Which was Monisha's favourite TV show?

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Complete this verse: Khatar khun khatar khun ________?

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Which character says the dialogue, “Main? Main Mard Hoon.”

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Who informs Dushyant that the fridge at Maya and Indravadhan Sarabhai’s apartment isn’t working?

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The Sarabhai Mansion is situated in which area of Mumbai?

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Indu's father's son-in-law's wife's mother's daughter-in-law's son-in-law is...

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What is Dushyant's surname?

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As per Rosesh kisse banana chahiye iss desh ka Pradhan Mantri?

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What was Maya's name before she was married?

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Dushyant is very fond or very attached to ______ ?

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Which of the following crazy adventures did not happen on the show?

Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai
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How well you know Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Let's pass this quiz.


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