Are you Mahabharat Fan? Take this quiz to find out.

Who narrated the happenings of the war to Dhritirashtra through special vision?

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Who was Arjun's son who got killed in a Chakravyuh in the battle?

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What was Yudhishtir's weakness?

Mahabharat Season 17
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What guru dakshina did Dronacharya ask from Eklavya?

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Where was the battle of Mahabharat fought?

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Who gave Bhishma the boon that he would die only when he wished?

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What was Dhritirashtra's daughter's name?

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Who was King Shantanu's first wife?

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What was Bheeshma's name when he was younger?

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Who killed Dushasan?

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Are you Mahabharat Fan? Take this quiz to find out.


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