Are you keen on Mr bean?? Take the ultimate Mr Bean Quiz…

Who is Mr. Bean's best friend?

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When is Mr. Bean’s official birthday?

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Mr. Bean wins a goldfish at a fair in episode 9 (“Mind the baby”). What does he do with it?

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In an episode at the beach, Mr. Bean attempts to put his swimsuit on without the man next to him noticing him. Why was that not necessary?

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For his test, Mr. Bean studied most for which subject?

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In the episode “The Return of Mr. Bean” what does he eat at the restaurant?

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What does Mr. Bean not do when he is getting ready to meet royalty?

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In “Do it Yourself Mr. Bean” what holiday does Mr. Bean celebrate?

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In the episode where Mr. Bean is celebrating New Year’s Eve what does he use to create his own improvised champagne for his guests?

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Mr. Bean drives what kind of car?

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What two things does Mr. Bean get his girlfriend for Christmas?

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Mr. Bean always ends up abusing a certain car. What is particularly odd about this car?

the deleted footage of mr bean s mini
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When Mr. Bean stays in the hotel room, what does he do to it?

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How does Mr. B react when he's on a rollercoaster?

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What does Mr. Bean use as a diaper?

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Are you keen on Mr bean?? Take the ultimate Mr Bean Quiz...


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