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Are you fan of Neha Kakkar? Take this quiz to find out.

In which film she made her Bollywood debut as a chorus singer ?

Neha Kakar
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At what age Neha began performing at religious events?

908573 tony kakkar neha kakkar abort
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Neha is the younger sister of which playback singer?

story of kakkars neha kakkar tony kakkar sonu kakkar
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Which of her song won Bollywood Track of the Year in 2018?

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Neha Kakkar was in romantic relationship with which actor?

himansh kohli neha kakkar relation
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In which song of movie Jai Mummy Di she had special appearance as herself?

neha kakkar in lamborghini jai mummy di 2019
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What was her fathers profession when she was young?

neha kakkar with father
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In which singing reality show she first participated?

pjimage 1566281037
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Neha Kakkar is also proclaimed as which name?

neha kakkar future queen of music
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In 2017, she had collaboration with which singer for series of remade songs?

Neha Kakkar Singer Wallpaper 18862
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Are you fan of Neha Kakkar? Take this quiz to find out.


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