Are you fan of Mumbai Indians? Take this quiz to find out.

Who is the current captain of Mumbai Indians?

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Which cricketer has fielding records of most catches?

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Who holds the highest scoring record in Mumbai Indians?

GAZI 7201
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Which brand was Mumbai Indians original kit manufacturer before Reliance’s in-house brand Performax took over?

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What is the highest number of runs by which Mumbai Indians won the match?

mi 1200
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Who is the head coach of Mumbai Indians team?

maxresdefault 29
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Who won the title "Harrier Super Striker of the Match" in 2019 for 2nd time?

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Who is the current batting mentor of Mumbai Indians team?

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What was the Original Name decided for the team before Sachin Tendulkar suggested to keep it ‘Mumbai Indians’?

814706 sachin tendulkar twitter
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After every boundary or a wicket by the team, which a fan-made music titled is always played by the stadium disc jockey?

colors to be mumbai indians principal sponsor
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Are you fan of Mumbai Indians? Take this quiz to find out.


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