New Delhi India War Memorial arch Sir

How much do you know about Delhi??

Which building is known as "White Marble Mughal Architecture"?

national mall washington dc comparison of central vista new delhi washington dc stirworld 200403051613
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Which of the following prestigious institutes is based in Delhi?

5 regional centres of national school of drama proposed government
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Which state is located in north, west and south of Delhi?

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What was the old name of Delhi?

Delh air
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Who built the Red Fort?

red fort 1200 getty images
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Delhi is ___ largest urban area in the world.

Top 15 areas to Live in Delhi NCR For Job Seekers 1280x720 1
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Which is the popular pilgrimage spot for the Buddhists?

india bodhgaya
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Which river flows through Delhi?

yamuna water
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Delhi is said to be built on seven ancient cities. Which of the following is not among the seven?

download 13
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Which of the following tourist spot is not in Delhi?

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How much do you know about Delhi??


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