Will There Be Season 2 Of Patal Lok?

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With the massive success of the thriller crime series like Mirzapur Amazon Prime has come up with its new series named Patal Lok. The name of the series is so relevant to the storyline, Patal Lok in English means ?Hell?, the place where devil lives or the place full of cruel people. This thriller drama crime was released on May 15 created by Sudip Sharma and it is produced under the banner of Anushka Sharma.

Within a couple of days after its release on Amazon Prime Videos, it turned into new sensational topic. Everyone from celebrities to every crime thriller lover has shown their appreciation towards this series, by not only watching this drama but also posting about it on social media. The story of Patal Lok is around a policeman Hathi Ram works at a small police station in Delhi. The series has connected to the viewer?s hearts at many levels, from the character-building to the whole flow of the story each and every segment unfold like an epic story capturing the chaotic, contradictory realities of India.

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The ambitious structure of the show finds ample support in the broad canvas of their characters. In Sanjeev, there is elite Liberal India. Hathi exemplifies the shimmering, middle-class discontent. The story of upward mobility is symbolized by his colleague Imran Ansari (Ishwak Singh), a young cop who aspires to be an IAS officer. Hathi ‘s boss, Station House Officer Virk (Anurag Arora), and DCP Bhagat portray Indian police flow and control of power. There are so many aspects of this series that have overcome the comparison between other crime series like Sacred Games and Mirzapur and have ranked as one of the finest Bollywood drama.

After Season 1, many people have started wondering about the future of Season 2 of Patal Lok. Mostly with other crime drama series, the ending is a bit incomplete and the creator of series himself gives little hint of next sequel or season. On the other hand, Patal Lok ends with a proper conclusion, which creates more confusion about the second season.

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It’s clear that the audience wants to see more seasons and episodes of Patal Lok. And looking at the Season 1 success and publicity is enough to convince the creators to make Patal Lok’s Season 2. This is not yet confirmed , yet there are few easter eggs given by the characters and the directors that indicate towards season 2.

The show’s lead cast has confirmed Patal Lok Season 2 ?Possibility?. Patal Lok’s writer Sudip Sharma is currently working on the script that makes it worth the hype around Patal Lok Season 2. The presumptions about the Patal Lok Season 2 are expected to be released in May 2021. But there is No official announced by Amazon Prime Video.

For a remarkably good first season, ‘Patal Lok’ won critical acclaim from the Indian audience too. Which increases a lot of expectations from season 2? We hope that the fans of Patal Lok will not have to wait for long and will get what they expected.

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