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Salman Khan Fanclub out there.

Which is the Debut film of Salman Khan?

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What is the birth date of Salman Khan?

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Which stone does Salman Khan's bracelet have?

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Which among the following is the first television show hosted by Salman Khan?

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In which character has Salman Khan appeared most?

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What is the name of Salman Khan's step mother?

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Which of these Salman Khan movie has won a National Award?

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In 2004 Salman was ranked what by the People Magazine of the USA for the best looking man in the world?

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In which of the movie Salman has played a role of "Love Guru"?

Partner Movie Scenes Part 2 Salman Khan Govinda
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In which year his lifelike wax statue was installed in London's Madame Tussauds Museum?

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Salman Khan Fanclub out there.


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