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Only real Shahrukh Khan fans can answer this quiz… Are you the one?

Shahrukh Khan's first television appearance?

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Shahrukh's father's name?

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Shahrukh Khan's wife's name?

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For which film Shahrukh Khan got first Filmfare best actor award?

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Shahrukh Khan's IPL team?

Shah Rukh Khan srk
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Shahrukh Khan's date of birth?

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Shahrukh Khan's first film as a producer?

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Shahrukh Khan's first film with Karan Johar?

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Rahul Khanna is the name of Shahrukh Khan character in which film?

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In Shahrukh's movie 'FAN', what were the two roles played by him?

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A species of which flower has been named after Shahrukh Khan?

Film Companion Shahrukh Khan Chak De India Kal Ho Na Ho Devdas inline 3 1280x720 1
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Shah Rukh Khan lends his voice to the Hindi-dubbed version of which of these english films?

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What is the name of Shahrukh's mansion in Mumbai?

13032018 mannat 01
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In which of these movies does Shahrukh Khan NOT play a negative role?

940044 shah rukh khan award shows late parents
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Shahrukh khan's first film?

shahrukh khan 9
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Only real Shahrukh Khan fans can answer this quiz... Are you the one?


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