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Let’s see how well you know Queens Gambit?

The show revolves around which indoor game?

queens gambit
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How old was Beth when she started learning the game?

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Who was Beth's love interest?

The Queens Gambit Townes and Beth med
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From whom did Beth learnt the game and it's tactics?

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Who was Beth's final opponent in the series?

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What was the pill that Beth was addicted to?

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What was name of Beth's only friend at the orphanage?

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From whom does Beth borrow entrance fee money for her first tournament?

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What's the name of Beth's adoptive mother?

The Queens Gambit Beth Alma
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Who defeats Beth in speed chess?

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Vasily Borgov was from which country?

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Which tactic does Beth play against Borgov in her final match?

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What do Russians call Beth after her success in tournament?

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In which city was the Russian tournament organized?+B42

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Who pays for Beth's ticket for her final tournament in Russia?

the queens gambit still02
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Let's see how well you know Queens Gambit?


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