Let’s see how do well you know about iPhone?

Which model is recently launched?

how identify what iphone model you have thumb1200 4 3
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Who is the recent CEO of apple company?

SJM L OWNERBIOS 1027 2 1 scaled
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Which OS is used in iPhone?

iphone x 54 scaled
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When was the first iPhone released?

bestiphone stuff new 3
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Which is the first iPhone model to have the first touch ID home button to unlock the phone?

gst impact apple cuts prices of all iphone models in india by up to 7 5 per cent
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Which web browser is developed by apple?

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What is the latest version of IOS ?

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Which Company's camera do iPhone use?

dsc 3504
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Where does Headquarters of apple is located?

maxresdefault 62
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What is FACETIME in iPhone?

unnamed 22
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Let's see how do well you know about iPhone?


Oh! You Failed. You should again visit the world of iPhone.


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