How well do you know Sushant Singh Rajput? Take this quiz to find out.

In which field did Sushant study engineering?

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What was Sushant’s last film

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Sushant Singh did not star in which of these movies?

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With which movie did Sushant make his debut in Bollywood?

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In which of these films did Sushant appear as a background dancer?

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For which movie did Sushant Singh win his first Filmfare award nomination?

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In which dance reality show did Sushant appear for the first time?

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With which TV serial did Sushant Singh make his debut on television?

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In which movie did Sushant first appear with Aamir Khan?

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In which city was Sushant Singh born?

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How well do you know Sushant Singh Rajput? Take this quiz to find out.

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