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How much you know about South Indian food?

Is there any other way to make different type of Idli?

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Which is the right way to eat Idli?

idli with idli rava recipe 5
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Which ingredients from the given options are used for making Idli batter? 1. Urad daal 2. Baking soda 3. Rice 4. Rock salt 5. Kanki korma

Instant Pot Idli Dosa Batter Piping Pot Curry copy
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Which of following is a South Indian dessert?

pineapple kesari 2 FP2
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Which oil is frequently used in South Indian dishes?

Shot 8 Finished Tempering
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Which ingredient is most common in South Indian dishes?

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What is the South Indian dish Rasayana?

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What do South Indian people use as a plate?

Amras recipe
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Which of the following chutney is usually eaten in South Indian dishes?

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Andhra Pradesh is famous for which food?

Tamarind Rice Recipe 1280x720 1
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How much you know about South Indian food?


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