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How much you know about Mumbai?

When was Mumbai's name officially changed to Bombay?

images 1518423170210 mumbai city
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What event does Mumbai's Gateway of India commemorate?

Mumbai 03 2016 30 Gateway of India scaled
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Mumbai is also known as?

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Which is the oldest temple of Mumbai?

babulnath temple mumbai tourism entry fee timings holidays reviews header
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Every November, migratory pink Flamingos visits which part of Mumbai?

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From where to where did first Mumbai local train run?`

Mumbai local train BCCL 0
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Which is the oldest college in Mumbai?

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The word "BOLLYWOOD" is derived from Bombay. True or False?

on studio visit
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Where does the Shehanshah of Bollywood reside?

maxresdefault 67
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Apart from Elephanta caves, which other UNESCO world heritage site is situated in Mumbai?

images 1550742308253 mumbai elephanta caves 150051284628 orijgp
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How much you know about Mumbai?


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