Money Heist

Are you Money Heist Fan? Take this quiz to find out.

How many people did The Professor recruit to execute his plan?

money heist first impression 1200
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How many hostages were able to escape during the heist?

money heist la casa de papel s01 ep01 0017 1575907045 scaled
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How much money were the robbers able to print?

money heist 1
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What is The Professor's actual name in the series?

Haus des Geldes Teil 3 Review Staffel 3 01
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The entire plan was the idea of which character in the series?

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How many heists had Berlin pulled off before the events of Money Heist?

مسلسل البروفيسور الموسم الرابع
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On which online platform is Money Heist streaming?

Money Heist Poster
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How many robbers died in the heist?

money heist part 4 cast 5
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Which medical condition is Racquel's mother suffering from?

2 alicia raquel
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What was Moscow's profession before the heist?

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Are you Money Heist Fan? Take this quiz to find out.


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