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Are you Hera Pheri Movie Fan? Take this quiz to find out.

Who was not part of Hera Pheri movie?

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In which year was the movie released?

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Who was nominated as Best Performance in a Comic Role in Screen Awards?

Hera Pheri Comedy Movie Poster
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Who played the role of Shyam in the film?

Hera Pheri
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The Screenplay is adapted from which movie?

ramji rao speaking
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Which is the only song not composed by Anu Malik?

882139 gonna tell my kids memes 3
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What is the name of character played by Paresh Rawal?

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Who was first signed for this movie instead of Suniel Shetty ?

p69742 v h10 ab
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Whose dialogue is this "Saala, rakh diya toh bhi baat karta hai…"?

hera pheri
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What was the full name of the character played by Akshay Kumar?

images 5
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Are you Hera Pheri Movie Fan? Take this quiz to find out.


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