Are you fan of Queen movie ? Take this quiz to find out.

What is the name of Kangana Ranaut character name in the movie?

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When movie was released in India?

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Which cast was spotted singing on a street and was asked for working in Hindi film, though he couldn't speak English?

Queen cast
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Which of these is dialogue of this movie?

queen movie stills 2014
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Who is the supporting role actor in the movie?

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How many total awards this movie has won?

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Where the movie shooting was done?

indian queen kanagna ranaut hd wallpaper download kangana ranaut pictures free 1502266839
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What is the name of Lisa Haydon character in the movie?

gq queen movie 1 1
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Who was initially offer the lead actress role?

QUEEN 0 0 0
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Film is remade in how many langauges?

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Are you fan of Queen movie ? Take this quiz to find out.


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