Are you a true Coffee Lover?

What is a French Roast?

french roasted coffee beans
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Which coffee brewing machine involves straining coarse coffee grounds with a plunger?

Pressing on a french press
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From which US city did Starbucks originate?

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Which ingredient is not found in Cappuccino?

aroma art artistic 312420
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What is Doppio?

Doppio scaled
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Where did the word "Frappuccino" originate?

1200px Starbucks frappuccino
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What beverage is made by adding hot water to Espresso?

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A mocha is a mix between..

nespresso recipes Hot Chocolate OL
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Which brewing method does not involve hot water?

ColdBrewCoffee017 bcdb960a88f94521bb3a64a2f228e740 scaled
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Which coffee bean has the most caffeine?

coffe 2991458 1280
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Are you a true Coffee Lover?


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